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Life Skills

LANGUAGE ARTS  Students work on question and answer skills, reading comprehension, sight words by reading up on current events, leveled readings, reading community signs and, grocery/ department store signs. Students will further develop their language skills by discussing current events/newspapers, developing and writing letters, and participating in community outings.


MATH  Students will continue their education in comprehension of calendars, schedules, time management, measurement, basic math computations, money management, banking, and budgeting. Students will build these skills through the use of calculators, SmartBoards, geometric sorting, packaging, rote counting, one to one correspondence. Student will also build on these skills by participating in our community outings


DAILY LIVING SKILLS  Student will develop skills in independent living skills such as: doing the laundry, sorting, loading & unloading dishwasher, vacuuming, sweeping, food planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, personal safety skills, problem solving skills, and following basic directions.


COMMUNITY EXPERIENCES  Our goal is to expose our students to a variety of hands on activities and experiences. This allows them to become more independent and involved citizens and participants in their community. Mobility training is done with students as deemed appropriate.