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Social Worker

Mary Brown (x2526)
Meghan Hurley (x2909)

Who receives Social Work Services at ATP?

Social Work services are embedded within the ATP program. Student practice daily living skills, decision making, and appropriate social interactions in all settings such as work/ job training, community outings, in the classroom, and during social activities.   Students who need further support in managing their emotions, behavior management, utilizing coping skills, or those who need high levels of support in social interactions may be eligible for social work services within the program.

How are Services Provided at ATP?

  • Direct one on one counseling/teaching
  • Small group 2-3 students with similar social needs
  • Men & Women’s group- Some Student proposed topics this year are grief and loss, employment, friendship, how to handle conflicts, and relationships
  • Speech and Social Work groups that focus on social communication- For example interviewing skills, problem solving skills, and how to greet or communicate with others.



Social Activities:


Grief and Loss Support Groups:


Community Counseling Programs:

Metropolitan Family Services: Call 312-986-4000

Sertoma Centre- Community Mental Health & Counseling: [email protected] or call 708-748-1951 ext. 410.