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Student schedules are individualized and time is spent participating in and receiving instruction in independent living, functional mathematics, and functional language arts. The students participate in weekly community experiences. Our adults work towards being independent, being self-confident, and behaving in a socially acceptable manner in the community and with their friends.
The academic curriculum at ATP focuses our young adults on independent living skills and vocational skills. In the classroom students work on personal skills such as budgeting, safety, home care, self-care, hygiene and moving through the community. Activities are planned for students based on their individual abilities and goals.
Vocational skills are also developed at the Adult Transition Program. All students spend part of their day in the PAES lab, building skills to help secure future employment. Every student works at his or her own pace. Outside vocational training sites are available to students. Students work with CHSD218 job coaches in outside training facilities learning additional vocational hard and soft skills.