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High 5 Apparel

Contact #:  (708) 424-2000 x 2462

High 5 Apparel is a business run by students with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. The business was established in 2014. High 5 Apparel has completed apparel orders for organizations, businesses, schools and special events. The Adult Transition Program at CHSD218 is designed to teach students the essential entrepreneurship skills needed to run and operate a business. The curriculum enhances a student’s reading, math, social, communication, listening and problem solving skills. The young adults involved in this program are able to walk away with additional resume building skills that will assist them in the future as they find employment that is best suited to their ability.
 Give us a call!  (708) 424-2000 x 2462 or email us at  We look forward to working with you!
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